Lecture & Staff

In order to ensure the realisation of the vision and mission, the Study Program of Islamic Family Law has strengthened coordination and management within the organisation. In addition, the lecturers have been agencies of educational works and research. Meanwhile, the coordinator of the program of legal practices, fieldwork and intership, has been the Head of the Shariah Laboratory. In dealing with the program, it has been assisted by tutors of the legal practices. Furthermore, to develop research and publication, the program has had Ulumuddin: Journal of Islamic Legal Studies and Jurnal Fikih Indonesia, and both have been supported by researchers. The last but not least, the professional staff has been handling the special stuff of management and administration. 

Agencies of the vision and mission of the Study Program:

The Head of the Study Program

The Head of the Shariah Laboratory



Tutors (Instructors)

Professional Staff




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