Welcome to the Study Program of Islamic Family Law

God blesses us! We are happy and proud of you all to accept and welcome the young generations and leaders of the nation. We would like to thank to new students have joined in the Study Program of the Islamic Family Law, the Faculty of Islamic Studies, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. You all have be a part of our big family.

In our Study Program, you will learn the foundational thoughts of Islamic law and the Indonesian law. You will also be supervised in exploring various issues and the global discourse of law and humanity. In addition, you will have larger opportunities to study international law, international human rights law, and Shariah and human rights. The most importantly, you will be trained intensively on academic skills, literacy tradition and critical thinking. These are very important and useful skills that would potentially bring students to become the best in various levels (regional, national and global).

In the third year of your study, you will have chances to join in any level of academic competitions. You will be also encouraged to apply the Student Exchange scholarships in order to take part of the programs provided by various prestigious universities in the world. For students, those who have published their research on the scientific journals (accredited nationally), they will be considered to achieve the best grade (A or High Distinction) of their undergraduate honour thesis.

The graduates of the program (Bachelor of Laws with specialism in Islamic law; or Double Degree of Bachelor of Laws) would have opportunities to choose their professional careers as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, legal advisor, legal consultant, mediator, journalist, analyst, researcher, academic, members of state departments and others.

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Further information to apply the Study Program of the Islamic Family Law please click online.umm.ac.id. For anyone who needs any information of the tuition fee, scholarship and others, and how to join in and be a part of our big family, do not hesitate to contact our email.

Once again, welcome to our beautiful campus, let’s study, collaborate and being happy with the Study Program of Islamic Family Law of UMM.

Happy regards,

Head of the Study Program.