Curriculum of Corporate Law School

Graduate Profile
Staff Legal Drafting Legal drafting is related to legal drafts made by legal subjects, both individuals and legal entities, namely in the form of MoUs, cooperation agreements, or agreements/contracts.

1) Compile legal documents.
2) Good negotiating skills.
3) Good communication skills.
4) Administrative skills.
5) Good analytical skills.
6) Good legal knowledge.

Description of Graduate Profile:

Corporate Lawyer As a Company Advocate: representing the company in the event of a problem in court;
As a Company Executor: preparing and managing permits and other documents both internal and external to the Company.
As a Company Legal Consultant: provide legal advice or advice to company leaders.


Capability Required:

1) Ability to think analytically

2) Interpersonal skills

3) Resilience and persistence

4) Ability to solve problems