Encouraging increased community service, the Faculty of Islamic Religion held a Community Service Guide Workshop.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 08:00 WIB   Program Studi Hukum Keluarga Islam

Faculty of Islamic Religion carried out a Workshop on Preparing Community Service Guidelines on 1/23/2023. Taking place in the FAI Micro Teaching Room, this workshop aims to equip lecturers at the Faculty of Islamic Religion in writing written works as one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. This workshop can be a means for Islamic Faculty lecturers to develop themselves in community service programs in the form of an English-based Service Journal.

The University of Muhammadiyah Malang has set 5 strategic targets for service in the strategic plan or commonly abbreviated as Renstra for service in 2023. The strategic plan includes, among others, in the fields of food, engineering, education and psychology, social and humanities, as well as health and the environment.

In his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Religion, Dr. Khozin., M.Si, said that lecturers should be able to create textbooks in the teaching and learning process on campus. The textbook can be in the form of a reference book or monograph. This is important for lecturers to do so that they can support the teaching and learning process more optimally.

"Furthermore, Dr Khozin said, it is in the teaching and learning process that scientific work can be born and this scientific work can be followed up into research which then becomes an output for community service," he explained.

The event was continued by Deputy Dean III of the Faculty of Islamic Religion, Mr. Imamul Hakim, M.Sy who emphasized the importance of guidelines for creating community service for Lecturers at the Faculty of Islamic Religion, UMM. "We need to standardize the format and template for making Community Service, so that there is a correlation between one scientific study and another in the Faculty of Islamic Religion, considering that we have 4 study programs, namely, Islamic Religious Education, Islamic Family Law, Sharia Economics and Arabic Language Education," he stressed.


The Faculty of Islamic Religion will immediately launch a journal as a forum for research and dedication for lecturers at the Faculty of Islamic Religion called the Qudwah journal (Journal of Islamic Dedication) in English and targeted for SINTA 2 accreditation.

The event ended with an explanation from the PKM Guidelines Preparation Team for FAI Lecturers, the drafting team included, Dr. Muhamamd Fadhil, M.A., Mr. Fadilla Muhammad Mahdi S.E., M.Si., Luciana Anggraeni, S.Sy., M.H., R. Tanzil Fawaiq Sayyaf, S.Sy., M.H., Afifah Nur Millatina, S.E., M.SEI, Sri Cahyanhing Ummu Salamah and Annisatu Toyyibah S.Hum.M.Hum. (Risqi Evalina)

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